In addition to the various man-made improvements, Alton Baker Park is also home to a wide variety of plants and animals.  Alton Baker has an extraordinary variety of wildlife, with nearly 117 different bird species that have been identified living in the park area, 45 different tree and shrub species, and some 200 different species of wildflowers grasses and ferns.  The scenery in the park itself ranges from plains to grassland to forest, with a river and a canal both running through the park.  Though a majority of the park has concrete paths throughout, you can easily find more secluded natural areas by following these paths out of the main park.  Located within 15 minutes of walking from the parking area is the Whilamut nature area, which consists of mostly undeveloped forest and plains.  This mix of wildlife, wilderness, and modern improvements are what make Alton Baker so unique and interesting.