Alton Baker Park is a fantastic place to take your family for some fun! There are, of course, ample picnic areas in Alton Baker, whether you are looking for sheltered tables or a more open, kid-friendly, meal out in nature.  There’s abundant space in Alton Baker no matter where in the park you want to eat.  Just make sure not to forget your blanket and picnic basket!

Family activities in Alton Baker don’t stop with picnicking.  There is a non-profit children’s education center, where kids can go on nature walks and learn about the environment in the Alton Baker area.  The abundant wildlife in the surrounding area means that no matter how curious your child is there is plenty of nature in Alton Baker to keep them busy.

The park is also home to the Eugene Children’s Science Museum, in case an indoor activity is more to your child’s liking, or if it is particularly rainy that day.  Named the Science Factory, the museum has a planetarium, computer lab, classroom, and several rotating exhibits.  Though the specifics might be different depending on the time of year you visit, current exhibits include courses about Bernoulli’s principle, carbon nanotubes, aerodynamics, and even live lizards!  Exhibits are open 10-4 on Wednesday through Sunday.  Admission is under $10 for access to the entire 10,000 sq. foot museum with all of its exhibits.  More information about the Science Factory can be found here: