Enjoy your local Eugene Dog Park

This area of the park is fenced off and used for off lease dog walking and letting your dog run and play.
There are rules, that as a responsible dog owner, you would best serve your fellow dog-owners by following.

There are multiple watering areas and even a custom a water fountain for both dogs and their owners.

Bringing throw toys is perfectly fine, just make sure you furry friend plays nice with others and isn't either two agreesive in protecting their toy or going after other objects being thrown about.

Because people and dogs are activing playing, pay attention to your surroundings, least you get knocked over by a running dog or hit with random objects being thrown.

If the water area is empty, be kind take a moment and fill it up.
Clean up after your dog. Bags and trash cans are located on both east and west sides of the park.
There are a few shelters one can take shade from the sun or the pouring rain.

Enjoy your Park. Tax money well spent.