Alton Baker Park, Eugene’s largest developed park, has been an indispensable part of the Eugene landscape since 1959.  Located right on the banks of the Willamette River directly across from the University of Oregon, Alton Baker has provided a place for denizens of Eugene to bike, run, feed ducks and take their dogs for over fifty years. Alton Baker’s uses and facilities have continued to grow as the city of Eugene has, with the park adding several features in recent years.  Alton Baker now boasts its own concert venue and has biking and walking trails that connect all over the Eugene and Springfield area, a canoe canal, a BMX track, Disc Golf course as well as an undeveloped and natural eastern section to the park, for those wishing to get away from civilization.  Alton Baker Park consists of around 400 acres of forest, fields, plains and trails, and is a great place for relaxing, picnicking and experiencing nature.  Several local events are also hosted in the park every year, including Art and the Vineyard and the Eugene Rotary Duck Race, in addition to the regular concerts hosted at the Cuthbert Amphitheater.

On any given day you can enjoy the following:

  • Sports and games on the vast open fields
  • Biking, walking, or running on the scores of miles of trails
  • Disc golfing on the park’s full 18 hole course
  • Running on a trail designed by Oregon’s own Steve Prefontaine
  • Feeding and admiring wildlife at the Duck Ponds
  • Going for a race on the park’s BMX course
  • A contemplative walk at Hay’s Tree Garden
  • Strolling through the hundreds of square acres of undeveloped areas
  • Touring Autzen stadium and the University of Oregon campus, just a few minutes away
  • Enjoying a concert at the Cuthbert Amphitheater
  • Respecting some of the greatest Americans at the United States’ only Nobel Laureate park